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Turn “on-hold time” into a
positive experience for
your callers and a profitable
one for your company!

Every time a caller to your business is placed on hold YOU decide what they will hear.

Custom On-Hold Messages by SayItOnHold reach callers with detailed information that will showcase your products, services and customer care.

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Through our creative script writing, professional voices and background music that supports your messages, SayItOnHold combines the perfect blend of image, advertising and customer appreciation. Your on-hold messages will impress your callers, reassure them they haven't been forgotten on hold, and remind them that you value their time, inspiring them to start asking lots of "buying questions".

Increase sales

No matter what size your business is
Because of this every caller is extremely important, regardless of the size of their business. You may embrace the philosophy represented by the phrase "no job too large or small". Perhaps you've even used it in your advertising to let potential customers know that you can handle a full range of product or service needs. SayItOnHold specializes in creating hold messages that consistently show the same courtesy and personalized attention to each and every caller, helping them understand their significance to you.

Support your sales & marketing efforts
Along with your salespeople making direct contact with potential customers, the demands of today's competitive marketplace require spreading the news about your company through a variety of avenues. Our quality on-hold message recordings rally behind all of your sales efforts by providing strong, dependable support for your inside or outside sales teams, website, social media, print, radio, TV or other forms of advertising you may be using.

Let your callers in on all you have to offer
In addition to being an excellent way to introduce new products or services, promotions on-hold often make callers aware of existing products or services they may not have known you offered. Whether you are running specials on new products, closing out old products or promoting seasonal items or services, SayItOnHold can custom craft messages that will inspire callers to start asking buying questions of your salespeople, point them to your showroom, trigger visits to your website and much more!

Timing is everything
On hold messages and music have proven tremendously valuable in helping to sell products and services for over 30 years. And for reaching an audience that is ready to buy, nothing beats on-hold advertising for its inate ability to deliver exactly the right information to the right people at just the right time! Virtually all types of businesses have benefitted from the unique way that messages on-hold reach callers who are already in buying mode.

Creative power
The individual message segments within your on-hold script can be custom-tailored to accommodate the specific ways customers purchase your products or services. Is it best to spark interest in a product or service in order engage your sales team with callers? Or do you feel that your callers need lots of details to make a buying decision? SayItOnHold will create custom messages that match your sales methods while also incorporating voices and music that will create the most positive buying environment.

Enhance customer relations

There is no replacement for customer satisfaction and loyalty. Just as it is with every other interaction your business has with customers, hold time presents an opportunity to strengthen your relationship with them. SayItOnHold custom messages and music are designed to display an attitude of care and attentiveness toward callers on hold.

Acting as a faithful liaison between your staff and your callers, on-hold messages remind callers that you care about them by reassuring them they haven't been forgotten, and expressing your thanks to them for their decision to call you. Creating this positive atmosphere helps build constructive, long lasting bonds that not only lead to increased customer response to your products and services, but also higher rates of customer referrals!

Improve company image

Our Messages & Music On-Hold
Make Your Company SHINE!!

Customized messages on-hold by SayItOnHold distinguish you from your competitors and provide a unique opportunity to convey the brightest about your company!

Regardless of the size of your company on-hold messages create a powerful first - and consistent - impression that will boost your credibility!

Playing custom messages & music not only showcases your products and services, but also allows you a chance to share important information on your company's history, vision, qualifications, successes and more. Having your own distinctive sound helps solidify your identity with customers and builds customer confidence by promoting a positive, professional image of your company in the eyes and ears of your callers.


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