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What Your Callers Hear On Hold
About Your Business!!

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Your business has a lot to say.
Don't keep silent or play the radio when you can Say It On Hold!

  • Advertise products & services

  • Reduce caller hang-ups

  • Inspire callers to dialogue with your salespeople

  • Introduce new products, services or special promotions

  • Convey your appreciation of customers

  • Drive traffic to your website and your showroom

  • Inform callers about your location, directions & store hours

  • And much more!
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With SayItOnHold programs by Audio Advantage… 
People Hear Great Things About Your Business!!

Customized On Hold Messages & Music communicate exactly the right image to your callers on hold!
As a powerful form of advertising to a highly targeted market, on hold messages perform extremely well, since they are focused on callers who are already in "buying mode" at the time they hear your information.  Since many of these callers are existing customers, on hold message programs often allow you to turn one sale into two.

The right mix of message content, voice and music has been proven over and over again to be effective, not just at retaining callers on hold, but also sparking deeper interest in products and services, and creating better long-term business/customer relationships.

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Here are three good reasons why you should have SayItOnHold create an on hold message program for your business:
Enhanced Customer Relations

Every time a customer is placed on hold, the only link between you and your caller is what they hear while waiting.  This is your chance to let your callers know you care about them by reassuring them they haven’t been forgotten, and expressing your thanks to them for their patronage.  Creating this positive atmosphere makes on hold time constructive and beneficial to both of you.
Increased Customer Response to your products and services = Increased sales/profits

Your callers are either existing or potential customers.  In any case, they are pre-qualified buyers!  It only makes sense that a caller who is better educated about your company's products, services, specials & promotional campaigns will have a greater ability to make buying decisions. This information can be as detailed as necessary.  And coupled with the positive image of personal attention conveyed in your on hold programs, callers will feel comfortable doing business with you.  In short, a well cared for and informed customer is the key to your increased growth!
Improved Company Image

Just as important as the information contained in your programs, the simple fact that you have a message on hold program sets you apart from your competitors with your own distinctive sound.  SayItOnHold message programs lend instant credibility to your business, creating a substantial, positive image of your company in the eyes (and ears) of your callers. 

The two things that will make your message on hold program successful:
The right content
Like a good movie or a good song, it all begins with the right script.  We will write your fully customized script by gathering information through conversation, from sales literature, your website, etc., before presenting the script to you for your final approval.  With over 20 years of script writing experience, we take the time to learn about your business.  Our scripting includes as much detail as necessary to describe your products, services, company history, credentials, and all the special things that set you apart from your competition.  But, what is equally important is that we develop your script to reflect your positive attitude toward your customers by including the personal touch that conveys concern for your callers waiting on hold, and your appreciation for their decision to do business with you.
In addition, certain information, if it is applicable to your business, such as your address & directions, hours of operation, company policies on ordering and how to place an order, shipping, etc., can be extremely helpful to your callers and may save you valuable employee time by answering frequently asked questions ahead of time.
The right sound

Creating a great sounding program is no accident.  Once the script is developed and approved, we add the human element of relaxed and upbeat voice talent that will deliver your message with just the right sound.  You may select a male or female voice, or alternate your message segments between male and female voices.  Our variety of positive sounding music to choose from ties the program together and backs up your information from the beginning to the end of your program.
To ensure that your message is heard clearly and consistently, you need the right playback equipment.  We offer top quality, reliable digital players that deliver clear, crisp sound day after day, year after year.  If you already have playback equipment installed on your phone system, we can produce your program to accommodate a variety of formats.
You may also choose to locally purchase and install a CD player with “repeat” function.  (Since CD players are mechanical, and are not specifically designed for 24/7 operation, you should expect to replace the player periodically.)

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