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About Your Business!!

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As you read these word-pictures, please
bear in mind that these message on hold analogies
also apply to your IVR/voicemail greetings and prompts.

Imagine you have the exclusive advertising rights during all the commercial breaks of the biggest game of the year! Excitement fills the air as everyone is tuned in, awaiting your announcements. This is your big chance to tell the world about your company.

Now, imagine showing them a blank screen with complete silence. Or perhaps running a few commercials for your competitors.

Your phone system is your company's own broadcast network. You have complete control over what callers are hearing on hold. OK, so we're probably not talking about an audience in the hundreds of millions. But you get the connection!!

You've just purchased the car of your dreams (fill in the blank here with the make and model of your choosing). You're brimming with pride as you drive it home, knowing that everywhere around you heads are turning. But, instead of hearing OOOHS and AHHHS, the other drivers are laughing!

Embarrassed and confused, you pull down a lonely side street and step out of the car, gasping. Your eyes fall on the ugly, old, beat-up tires on your car, and you kick yourself as you remember that you selected "option B" for tires at the dealership, just to save a few bucks.

You've spent money -maybe serious money- on your phone system, as well as the investment you've made to get potential buyers to call your company. Don't waste an opportunity to make a great impression and increase your sales by giving your callers on hold silence, poor radio reception or competitors' ads.

Put the shiny tires & rims on your car with custom on hold messages by SayItOnHold. "Show off" your company, turn heads, and increase your profits!!

It's a swelteringly hot day. Main Street has been closed for major construction and all the traffic's been diverted down Maple Street, right past your house. You're thinking about the huge supply of lemonade you have at home and, having connected the dots you place a large "FRESH LEMONADE" sign at the end of your street.

Your frustration grows as you watch the line of cars drive past without stopping. Then an idea hits you. Why not set up a lemonade stand along with a sign right in your front yard? That way, when thirsty travelers reach your house, they'll know "this is the place".

Your callers probably already know at least a little about what you do. Why not get specific and tell them about your special pricing on all the ice-cold lemonade you have in stock? And while you're at it, mention cookies. Or, maybe even direct them to your carwash!

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