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As an insurance agent or broker your dedication to earning the trust of clients is essential to staying competitive in today's market. Customized insurance agency hold messages allow you to highlight your expertise in specific areas of coverage, as well as your ongoing commitment to learning.

In addition, SayItOnHold can tailor your messages to convey the warm and personable nature that will help gain the confidence of your callers.

The professional sound of your on-hold messages will not only impress callers, but provide them with valuable information on the many services you offer that set you apart from your competition.

dad and son Once your potential clients hear the details on your capability for protecting individuals, families, businesses or property and providing them with peace of mind they'll know they've made the right call!

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Fully Customized
Hold Messages
Only $169 !

Up to 4 minutes long or 500 words

SayItOnHold combines custom script writing, professional voices, and background music to give your agency its own distinctive sound.


Inform callers on-hold with:
policy selling points, office location, hours & directions, tips on safety and security, agent / broker history, ask for referrals, emergency access information, info on your website and much more.

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