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Do you want to upgrade your business image with a powerful on hold message, but you're not quite ready for a fully customized program?

has the answer!
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Our Relevant On Hold Programs contain pre-recorded message segments that are created just for your industry, and feature pertinent topics on a wide range of areas in each specified industry: sales, services, products, accessories, interesting industry-related history & trivia, safety & practical tips, and much more.

With a full menu of Relevant topics to choose from, these programs will leave a powerful impression on your callers by identifying your business with your specific industry, and of course, reassuring them that they haven’t been forgotten.

Relevant Programs allow you to “build your own” message on hold programs by selecting the segments you want from our menu, and arranging the program exactly the way you desire. Or simply order the entire menu at a volume rate and create your own on hold library, and then rotate your messages.

This exciting option from SayItOnHold offers you a way to inform and entertain your callers on hold with messages that are as close to being fully customized as you can get, but at an entry-level price!

Remember, these messages are Relevant to your industry, and since you hand-select the messages and the arrangement of your programs YOU’RE IN CONTROL!

Don’t see your exact type of business listed? Please contact us
. We are constantly expanding our offering of Relevant Programs to include new industries. We welcome your “in field” insight, and we invite you to pioneer with us as we work to develop a menu of choices based on your input!

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