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What Your Callers Hear On Hold
About Your Business!!

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Whether you're a contractor, dealer, distributor, manufacturer or engineer SayItOnHold can design and produce professionally written and recorded messages & music to target your specific callers.

We will design your message on-hold productions to reach callers with detailed information on your products, services, system design, manufacturing, installation or parts & supplies for heating or air-conditioning systems, ice systems, air filtration or refrigeration systems.

Fully Customized
Hold Messages
Only $169 !

Up to 4 minutes long
or 500 words


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residential service HVAC messages on-hold

Heat up your sales-

let your callers in on all the great things
going on at your business:

  • advertise products or services

  • introduce new products or services

  • announce seasonal specials

  • drive traffic to your website

  • and much more.
  • commercial service HVAC messages on-hold

    Keep callers on hold cool-

    and keep them on the line as you reassure them that they have not been forgotten and that you value their business.

    This is a golden opportunity to share unique aspects of your business that set you apart from your competitors.

    You can also provide store hours, location, areas of service, emergency phone numbers, website info, etc.

    HVAC distributors messages on-hold

    Provide a steady flow of clean,
    friendly air to your company image-

    Impress callers with your company history,
    list sales or service accomplishments.

    Cite your reputation for excellent customer care, innovation, reliability and fairness.

    You can even share practical tips, industry-related trivia and more!

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